QMS-designed enclosure. Made with integrated bracing to support high-powered drivers.










Samples. Built from hand-drawn sketches










Custom Order. Perkins Cabinet built from a sample.














By the 1990s, QMS had built, loaded and tested thousands of ready-to-use cabinets.





In-house testing. To ensure the most stringent quality control, we have devoted hundreds of hours to in-house testing of QMS and related products.




QMS Officers

Dan Wilson

QMS President/Owner

Bud Wilson

QMS Vice President/Owner

Tom Wilson

QMS Vice President/Owner



QMS has manufactured pro audio speaker enclosures and systems for more than 36 years. We design and manufacture all of our systems with the needs of our clients and end-users in mind.



Dan Wilson founded QMS. The company offered a line of theater enclosures for a variety of applications.



QMS developed a full line of pro audio products, including:






Bi-Amp, Three-Way, Full-Range Trapezoidal Cabinet with internal passive time-aligned dividing network. Was made in CX-12 & 18” and CX-15 & 15” versions. (Dog not included.)








Long-Throw, Full-Range Horn Cabinet. JBL-loaded, used QMS Proprietary Phasing Technology. Pictured with one of three Bi-Amp, Three-Way Drum Monitors.





Floor Wedge. One of many QMS-designed floor monitors.







QMS Full Range Two Fifteen Cabinet (FR-2-15” version). Incorporated JBL Professional Series components. Designed with tilt-back casters and top and bottom-mounted handles. Coupled with the QMS J series VB-2-18" Vented Bass to deliver sophisticated, high-powered performance.




QMS became exclusively an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), developing touring systems including an all horn-loaded configuration with proprietary horns shown with Servo Sub Cabinet.

QMS  •  Box 850  •  204 Dogwood Road, Candler, NC 28715 •   828-667-5719