Computer Numeric Control manufacturing Our computer numeric control (CNC) manufacturing system is at the leading edge of today’s technology. It was custom designed for high-volume throughput and precision machining of parts. This insures that your components, handles, rigging hardware, grilles, joinery and machined logos will fit properly. Documented machine audits ensure repeatable accuracy from our 40,000-pound, custom-designed Shoda NC516-2146 “Super” CNC Router. This four-axis machine:


• automates two-sided and two-up parts-machining on all panel sizes.

• features servo control spacing of heads three, four and five.

• holds 42 tools in a standard load.

• sports one five-horsepower, 12-inch indexable centerline saw.

Our vertical beam saw (with beveling feature), two power-feed rip saws, power-feed shaper and dado machines compliment our parts-machining area. Our reliable C. R. Onsrud 36210 inverted routers have machined hundreds of thousands of speaker parts over many years. With 10 building stations, we are well-equipped to handle market demand.

We filter sanding dust using three Torit environmental control dust collectors.


Coatings Our coatings will meet your specifications for look and durability. Indoor applications include economical WR lacquer finish in black, white and custom colors. We also manufacture carpet-covered musical instrument (MI) and PA cabinets. Outdoor applications include thick epoxy coatings and truck bed-liner coatings for touring and outdoor installation cabinets. Large paint booths provide simultaneous application of a variety of coating materials.

Several thousand speaker cabinets are carpet-covered each month in our dedicated application area. Final assembly procedures, process controls and computer-aided testing equipment insure that every cabinet meets or exceeds original design specifications for performance and appearance before packaging for shipment.

QMS manufactures a variety of product lines that require inventory control and warehousing of finished goods.


Management QMS management team members have backgrounds in industrial engineering, corporate management, product design and computer-aided design (CAD).

QMS  •  Box 850  •  204 Dogwood Road, Candler, NC 28715 •   828-667-5719